From the recording Risen From My Wounds


You woke up the beast look what you did

You think I'm standing here scratching my nuts
What the fuck, been caved in for months 
Till the sun orbits around to greet me 
The exact upright position he'll see me 
A bum with a dream, my circle is blind 
This ain't gonna happen, why even try
Why don't you stay stuck in an corporate office
It's more important than all this music you want to accomplish 
And yadda yadda yadda, my head turns to a brick 
Can't believe this shit, don't worry
In this movie, the proof is coming soon
Cause I have risen, risen from my wounds
Back to the wall, such a comfortable spot 
Assume my position, the strength of a risen 
Made a decision, a vivid vision on a mission
Things never will be forgotten nor forgiven
Sacrificed everything from partying to socialing
To girlfriends, to time with my girls and my momma 
I been in the studio, edit the next video 
Content, I need content mothafucka 
Progress, I need progress mothafucka
Hours, I need hours mothafucka 
Stay up, stay up, I command you 
Do everything they say I can't do
Ima show you motherfuckers what it looks like, tastes like
How to get it out the gutter while the other kid is muttering 
And running his mouth about you behind your back 
He's insecure cause you have what he lacks 
Here come the dough, some dream to hold 
Few come to know it, cherish and fold it 
You got it then flaunt it, pay attention to these
One hit poets, green lands they blow it 

Risen, risen from my wounds
Risen, risen from my wounds
Risen, risen from my wounds
Risen, risen from my wounds

Risen from my wounds
Risen from my wounds
Risen from my wounds
Risen from my wounds
Risen from my wounds
Risen from my wounds

In the basement and I, with the talent refined 
With the flow versatile, and stiff like a pine 
Invest in the best, I'm the best, no contest 
I ain't lost yet, trust in the process
This game is finicky rickety crickets 
Waiting for you to punch into your ticket 
And lose your soul in thickets 
Be safe and stable, choose the road untraveled
But I cant promise you cause dreams shatter 
No guarantee,  pockets will be fatter 
Or climb the ladder, still take the latter 
Pandora's box someone call the cops 
Surround the home and secure the locks 
They got the Glocks unlocked and ready 
Suited in armor sprays machetes 
Lion-hearted, not that many 
Equipped with shotties, carbon copies
Key to the lock, escape this prison
Open the box, I have risen 
I, I have risen 
I, I have risen  
I, I have risen 
I, I have risen