1. Another Level

From the recording Risen From My Wounds


There comes a time in everyone's life
You either fly or tumble to your doom
You either fight or sit quiet in your room
You either grind or dreams never come true

I'm on another level
I'm on another level
I'm on another level
I'm on another level

It's my sole desire, drum the hearts of men
Make amends now that I have what you wish to
I sacrificed all these years, you're still mad
Pacing back and forth, how could it happen

Racing with a vengeance, hungry for change
Spark the road up, with the edge of my 12 gauge
Blind obsession with yourself it's true
The best thing about me, is I'm not you

I'm on another story
You can't win without guts nor glory, don't ignore me
What you know about a robot equipping two gold glocks
ready to shoot, cause haywire
To every hater present, after and prior

Grown men, good old grown men
Jealous envious low down show men
I'll leave your soul silenced without a sound
I'll tie your dick to a tree and cut it down
'Tis a shame why it must be this way
Had you agreed we'd be sipping champagne
Now you got me yelling in this quatrain
Caused pain, all I know is causing pain

I'm on another level
I'm on another level
I'm on another level
I'm on another level

I'm on a level that you can't press on an elevator
There's no escalator nor stairs that lead to my lair
Where I sit in my tall chair and draw this whole scheme
Pacing back and forth, what does this mean
Which people do I need on my glorious team
How much money will this endeavor need
How does someone like me ever succeed
Who would've ever expected me to be the one to lead
My lair has soft lights that create a vibe
Incense smoke fills the air
The mic sits in the booth, surrounded by soundproof
Behind a large bullet proof glass
In case I said something someone didn't like
In these times you can't say what you want on the mic
It's not the 90's where the skill lied on what you write
If someone perceives offense they might visit me tonight

Then I'll just be another Nipsey Hussle, hustling
For something, as soon as I get it I'm pursued
By a jealous motherfucker who has nothing
We worked so hard, you remember those nights
Those nights when we shed tears and reevaluated our life
Fear sets in meshed with doubt and the inner critic
Talking so loud I can't stand him I'm telling you
I can't stand him, I wish I could reach into
My insides and strangle him
Stomp his grape head till my legs stained red
Till my heels ache and he lays dead on the pavement
But you know what I don't blame you I'm a product
Of the environment I was raised in, I was caged in
Turned the negativity into muscle and power
I hustle and grind till the 25th hour
I don't stop I don't sleep its me and my team of roadies
They chose me as the benevolent leader, I'm not
Anything without them, I'm so glad I found them
It feels like a decade I've been searching for the right ones
I used to post this vision on the walls of colleges
Tryna prove the mission to anyone who would listen
No calls, no emails, no one heard what I was pitching
They thought I was kidding, a clown with his head missing
And now you see me winning got my first step in the right direction
My family of fans spread like a deadly infection
Every day I take another step in the right way
Whenever the lights get dim I tell myself I'll be there one day
The metro screeches, and brings me back to the present
It's not sweet but daydreaming won't get me nowhere
Let's take this action now and not be stagnant
Haters and drama gravitate to me like a magnet
I trap myself in the attic, I'm becoming an addict
I got bloodshot eyes and can't hold this paper still
Sitting still feels like an earthquake the worst day
Was watching fireworks on my 21st birthday
Minutes left on the clock I gotta keep writing
Like my life depends on it and a Glock to my head
Don't shoot, I'm writing as fast as I can
Ima take whatever I can no matter who what where when
Why, and I ain't gonna lie
Shit is hard to tell how you feel
I keep writing and don't delete it
Cause someday, someone just might need it
Seconds left, I'm running out of breath
I'm running out of things to say
I don't know, mind is becoming blank
But it's not today that I will perish
I have a world to conquer
Some haters to wrong and take revenge on
I've been strong, now it's coming into fruition
Very very slowly
But one day I'll be ahead of you
Hustle harder than me is an impossibility
I'm a man of humility when I say this
Who else do you know goes to a show
Just to study what he doesn't know
The bouncers looked at my fake and laughed at my face
Then threw it away and told me to scram
I looked at the man dead in the eye and deviously smiled
you just wait
you Just wait
Years later the same man held the line at my showcase

I'm on another level
I'm on another level
I'm on another level
I'm on another level