1. Salute

From the recording Chains


I'm mourning on my knees, blood on my hands
Look around nothing but rubble and sand
My brother in the dirt, trying not to cry
Hover my hand and close his eyes

You see I try to always to good deeds
Diligent baker, with a family to feed
My city blew up in smoke and mortars
Hold my daughter tight, shield her from debris
Flesh and guts, dangling from trees
High tide of sirens chasing dire screams
So surreal of a scene, it feels like dream

Just yesterday everything was peaceful lord
Did my daily prayers, gave to the poor
Went to work, came home, my lady cooking stew
Daughter in my lap showing me what she drew at school
I never killed nobody, didn't do no harm
Now a scarf around my face, AK in my arms
Bloody brother lifeless in the rubble
From one soldier to another, Salute


The plan is to stay alive
Hopefully play my moves right and my family survives
My daughter tugging my shirt with those big blue eyes
I give her a smile, tell her everything is alright
Daddy will keep you safe, fend off the bad guys
She replies with a toothy smile
But knows I'm lying, knows I'm hiding
In the dark moonlight, she knows I'm crying
Bullets in the brisk wind, smell of bodies decomposing
My lady offers solace, she keeps me composed
Sight of petal-less roses, she holds me tight
I grip my gun tighter, trembling finger on the trigger
My precious one softly snoring on the couch
Rack my restless brain to find a way out
Till it fizzles out, I accept my fate
Sacrifice myself to watch her grow up from the golden gates


I grab a photo of me
place it in her school backpack
If I don't make it back
At least she'll something to look back at